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CreateStudio is a video-making and editing software designed for on-premise use, assisting video creators, social media marketers, and YouTubers in crafting doodles, animations, and explainer videos.

If you’re a designer or animator looking to expand your skills. Or you are doing production or earn extra money. You may want to consider using video animation programs. Animation can appear intimidating. But it is actually quite simple and does not need an extensive background in drawing or art.

But there are many programs that claim to assist with animation, so where do you begin? Continue reading if you haven’t heard of CreateStudio! This CreateStudio Review will cover all the pertinent information about this animation software.

What is CreateStudio?

CreateStudio is an animation software that has been around since 2020. It was released as a 2D and 3D animation software, but it was later expanded to other video types. It is the latest version of the market’s best video creation, animation software. The software has been redesigned from the ground up to be more and efficient than ever before.

Demo of CreateStudio
Demo of CreateStudio

It provides you with everything you need to make professional. It looking videos in minutes, without the need for complicated technical knowledge or expensive equipment,…

The user-friendly interface allows anyone to create professional-quality videos with only a mouse or keyboard, even if they have no idea what they’re doing!

How CreateStudio works?

Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can add 3D effects as well as ad-compliant presentations to CreateStudio. It allows you to draw doodles, use custom animations to create personalized motions.

To create personalized videos, you can import media in SVG format and use royalty-free images and videos from Pixels.

Who uses CreateStudio?

CreateStudio is an useful animated video creator for anyone who operates an online business. You can convert your visitors into customer support prospects by using amazing videos.

This animation video-making app can help the following people:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Video Creators
  • Product Creators
  • Internet Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Online/Offline marketers

Create Studio Pro review: Pros & Cons


  • It’s an excellent way to learn to draw, create your own artwork, and even earn money.
  • It is a very simple application that requires no prior knowledge of art or drawing skills to use.
  • The program includes a variety of drawing tools. That allow you to create various types of artwork such as drawings, paintings, cartoons,…
  • It includes a slew of free feature. That allow you to hone your skills before investing in premium tools. It like brushes and other accessories, which can be purchased through the app store.
  • If you want more advanced features than what included in the app store versio, you can download brushes, other tools,… from the website.
  • The app has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. So anyone who knows how to use a mouse can get started right away with no training.


  • When attempting to upload images, some users have reported that the app crashes.
  • There are less expensive CreateStudio animation tools that perform the same functions.
  • It is not cloud software; it must be downloaded to your PC or Mac.
  • There is no option to record your own voiceovers directly within the app.

How to use CreateStudio

Drag and drop to make unique animated animations like you. The simplicity will amaze you! Learn how the UI and fundamental functions operate with CreateStudio CEO Josh.

It seems simple, right? Starting to create interesting material with Create Studio is the simplest method to learn.

Here are some starting video tutorials:

Standard CreateStudio Package Tour

This handy video explains where to locate major licensing assets.

Configuring project settings

Ready to start but don’t know how to organize your workspace? See this.

Timeline overview

Discover how to leverage the CreateStudio timeline to make fantastic animated films!

Importing Media

How to load photographs and videos into CreateStudio.

Editing Templates

CreateStudio has excellent pre-made templates. This guide shows how to optimize their utilization.

Custom Animation Creation

Although fast and easy, CreateStudio enables you more customizable animations.

Animation presets

Here’s how. Instructions for setting up animation presets in CreateStudio.

Audio-Syncing Elements

Answering a popular question, “How do you sync elements with audio?

Project backups, template sharing

Use additional devices to exchange templates and backup work.

Features of CreateStudio

The following is a list of some of the features that the CreateStudio Pro platform offers.

Features of CreateStudio
Features of CreateStudio

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editor

Years of research have resulted in the drag-and-drop editor. The interface is divided into several tabs, each with its own function. By dragging and dropping various components such as images, text, music,… you can easily create an entire video or animation from scratch or edit an existing one.

The simple drag-and-drop editor allows you to create animated videos. You don’t need knowledge of computer graphics software.

3D Character Videos

You can turn your photos into 3D characters in minutes with the new 3D character creator. You can also use it to make videos by selecting from pre-made scenes or by adding your own special effects, filter,…

But the 3D character creator isn’t for making silly videos. It can also be used to make animated videos with parallax scrolling backgrounds, PSD files,…

Wild Video Effects

You can use this CreateStudio software to create stunning scenes with amazing scene transitions. There are many magical transition effects available. It including the most recent background wipe transition. You can use this to make your scene appear to be moving or transported from one location to another.

While keeping the same object, the background wipe transition effect will move your image across the screen. Then it change the color of the background behind it. This is ideal for incorporating movement and depth into your video.

Customizable Text Animations

You can use a variety of custom text animations as letters falling from the ceiling or flying down from the sky. You can also add different text animations on top of each other to animate the text in your videos.

For example, you could have one large word, such as “hello,” that stays in place while another, such as “how are you?” animates down from above and lands on the first. Your audience will never miss a word this way!

Motion Presets

Motion presets are a great way to get started on your own animations and video projects. These ready-made animations can be used to add motion to your videos. Or as a starting point for your own creations.

This app’s motion presets were designed by the creators of the CreateStudio software. It include over a thousand frames for use in your own projects. You can also make your own presets by using the included templates as a foundation.


Carousels are an excellent way to display your content in motion. And they are extremely simple to create. With support for most major image, video formats,… the Carousel Creator makes it simple to create the ideal carousel for your brand.

Carousels can be used as a standalone element or as part of an animation or video. You can drag and drop many items into a carousel or define them manually with HTML5 placeholder tags.

Create Studio Pro Price and Evaluation

CreateStudio Price
CreateStudio Price

Everything Included In Your Purchase Today!

  • CreateStudio lifetime access to easy webinar
  • Create UNLIMITED Videos
  • Commercial use license
  • Install on up to 2 devices
  • Doodle sketch creator
  • 8x Free 3D Animated Characters
  • 20x Free 2D Animated Characters
  • 30+ Backgrounds
  • 100+ Animated Emoji
  • Greenscreen color removal
  • Create gorgeous explainer videos
  • Text-to-speech creator
  • Linear & radial gradients
  • Pexel?s royalty-free stock media integration? reviews user ratings?
  • 30 Day risk-free money-back guarantee

For a limited time, CreateStudio offer $67 with an early bird discount. But only in the options listed below. Choose the option that you believe will complement your specific business needs. But act quickly because the offer price will not last forever. (Cell phone user)

For a limited time, CreateStudio is available for a low one-time fee. Make sure you act quickly before prices rise. Every hour, the price will rise. (Computers, cell phones)

My experience with CreateStudio

As a reviewer with a keen interest in digital tools, I recently had the chance to work with Create Studio. Here’s my comprehensive review based on my experience:

What I Like Best About Create Studio:

  • Robust Animation Features: The animation capabilities of Create Studio took me by surprise. Initially, I didn’t anticipate using them as much, but with the regular addition of new characters, my team and I have been able to produce more and better-quality videos at a faster pace. These animations have significantly enhanced the content on our website.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The layout of the editing tools is intuitive and natural, which I found particularly beneficial for my junior editor. The ease with which they could pick up the software and start producing content was impressive.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Character Customization: While Create Studio offers a lot in terms of functionality, I did find myself wishing for more customization options for the animated characters. Being able to tweak and personalize these characters further would add even more value to the tool.
  • Text Editing in Picture Edit: Another feature I would appreciate is the ability to edit pictures via text editing within the platform. This addition would streamline the process of creating and editing content, making it more efficient.


CreateStudio is an excellent, low-cost animation studio. That can help you realize your dreams.

This product’s price is within the reach of any video creator. It offers an enough of features, including animation tools, video effects, sound effects, a music library, stock videos, templates, among others,… Nothing prevents you from viewing Animation Videos now.

We hope this CreateStudio Review article is helpful for you. Thanks for reading at SaaS Review Tools.

Createstudio Pro has a wide range of features that make it an ideal choice for animators and designers. Some of the features include:

  • A wide range of animation tools
  • Support for 3D workflows
  • Unlimited keyframes
  • Advanced interpolation
  • The ability to export in many formats such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and more
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CreateStudio Alternatives and Competitors


Renderforest is software crafted to assist businesses in utilizing pre-designed templates for creating videos, logos, and mockups. The platform empowers designers to upload files and preview edited designs within a unified interface.


InVideo is a DIY video creation platform that allows users to transform their ideas into videos in real-time. It includes over 4,000 custom-built templates and provides access to over 1 million royalty-free images and video clips.


Powtoon is a platform to assist businesses in creating animated videos and presentations for various purposes such as marketing, HR, IT, training, and more. It offers a wide array of pre-built templates and features a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.


Vyond integrates an intuitive and robust video editing platform with training, support, and enterprise-level security. This ensures that organizations of all sizes and individuals with varying skill levels can create impactful media.

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