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Envato Elements serves as a digital resource tool for creative professionals, providing the capability to acquire high-quality scripts, plugins, audio, and various other digital products for carrying out creative projects.

This Envato Elements review, will cover the digital goods, licensing terms, platform functionality. We’ll also analyze its pros and cons, who might benefit. And whether there are better alternatives to Envato Elements.

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a premium subscription to digital items. Use and download these products unlimited. Graphics, Procreate brushes, movies, templates, WordPress themes, and more.

Envato Elements Homepage
Envato Elements Homepage

Envato’s “Ultimate Creative Asset subscription” Elements has had the biggest impact. This post is a detailed service evaluation. I explain why content providers and developers join.

Is Envato Elements Worth It?

Envato’s digital asset resource directories offer unique offerings. The asset author sets prices, but Envato charges a fee to help sell them. Thus, a WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon costs $25, but a theme on ThemeForest costs $60. GraphicRiver charges $35 and PhotoDune $5 for the identical photo.

Digital asset buyers can quickly rack up expenses. Instead of buying each thing individually. Elements lets you access a massive digital asset repository for $16.50 each month. This archive includes stock pictures, audio, typefaces, graphics, plugins, and themes. The finest part is that members can download these goods unlimited.

Their inexpensive costs made their service popular quickly.

Who is Envato Elements For?

Here are some of the main groups that could enjoy using this service:

  • Audio producers looking for sound effects for their compositions.
  • Bloggers who are searching for high-quality images to go along with their blog posts.
  • Business owners who could use ready-made business cards, stationery, and website templates.
  • Illustrators and graphic designers seeking more font, action, brush, and layer style options.
  • Podcasters who could use audio for their episodes.
  • T-shirt designers and creators who want starter templates and graphics.
  • Vloggers in need of video templates and stock video files.
  • Website owners, agencies, and freelancers need various WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Web designers that need HTML templates, and WordPress themes. And other similar assets for the sites they?re working on.

Anyone who creates or uses audio and/or visual content should be considered part of the target market for Envato Elements. This service is an invaluable resource for people looking for the perfect image for a blog post. Or who want to improve workflow efficiency by using a template or starting with presets. And actions for specific programs that you use frequently.

People who use WordPress can enjoy using Elements Envato. Their impressive library of WordPress themes. And plugins make this service essential for WordPress bloggers, website owners, freelancers, etc.

How Does The Envato Elements License Work?

One of the greatest worries when subscribing to a service like Envato Elements. It is the licensing restrictions for the included material, especially if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Envato Elements License
Envato Elements License

Here are the most notable attributes about the Elements Envato licensing:

  • All items included a broad commercial license with rights to both work and personal projects.
  • All goods had broad commercial licenses for work and personal projects.
  • All existing, registered licenses and honored for the future in the event that you unsubscribe from Envato Elements
  • License restrictions include the inability to resell/redistribute. Use in on-demand services, use for merchandising, or use in broadcast presentations.

For most creative projects, Envato Elements’ commercial licensing is fair and forgiving. When you consider that Elements Envato pricing is so low for its large range of digital asset options, it’s clear that it’s a deal.

The Pros & Cons of Envato Elements

The following are a list of the benefits and drawbacks to using the Envato Elements service.


  • A single subscription grants access to unlimited downloadable content
  • All items may be used with a single commercial license.
  • New products are added on a daily basis
  • A huge collection of themes, photos, videos, templates, and design assets is available.
  • Price is reasonable
  • Premium access to EnvatoTuts+ is included with each membership.
  • It?s a great deal at an adequate price.


It?s a mixed bag when it comes to quality.

Envato Elements offers themes, pictures, stock videos, photos, website assets, typefaces, sound effects, music, 3D components… The collection of photos may appear outdated, but they’re actually shots that didn’t sell.

Finding the appropriate graphic may be difficult.

If you need stock photos for your website or social media, a large collection will take longer to sort through. It’s common to download low-quality photos. With so much to search, you’ll find useful material.

Elements Envato has it all in one place. You may need to search exhaustively for the ideal images and still be dissatisfied.

Everyone has access to the same materials.

Large stock photo collections take longer to filter through for websites and social media. Downloading low-quality photographs is frequent. You’ll find useful material. Elements are all at Envato. You may seek endlessly for the perfect images and still be unsatisfied.

When purchasing stock material, keep in mind that you are not purchasing it. Someone else is granting you permission to use it.

No update or support notification for any items

Unfortunately, Envato Elements does not provide any technical help. This is due to the fact that it is an unlimited subscription. And that all material comes from independent creators.

In most situations, this isn?t an issue. It might be a cause for concern for web designers seeking web templates, WordPress plugins, themes…

Update and upgrade notifications are absent. If you want to know if your product has been updated, you’ll have to search for it.

Smaller collection than traditional stock marketplaces

Adobe Stock, Pond5, and Shutterstock have larger collections than Envato Elements. These companies either offer a limited subscription or charge per item.

This may be quite costly, especially if they limit you to a certain number of daily, weekly, or monthly downloads.

Envato Elements memberships include limitless downloads. Their Video Template and Stock Footage collections are new, so they have space to grow. The company is growing these sectors.

How to use various Envato Elements templates

How to use Envato Elements video templates

Follow these steps to utilize an Envato Elements video template:

  • Subscribe to Envato Elements and log in.
  • Browse Envato Elements’ video templates.
  • Select a template and click “Download” to save it on your PC.
  • Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro should open the downloaded template.
  • Add text, photos, and other features to the template using video editing software.
  • Export and save your personalized video when you’re satisfied.
  • The resulting video file may be shared on social media or used in a marketing effort.

How to use Envato Elements WordPress templates

How to use Envato Elements WordPress templates
How to use Envato Elements WordPress templates

Professionally designed WordPress themes and plugins from Envato Elements make it simple to build a professional website.

The Envato Elements membership model is cheaper than purchasing individual themes or hiring a designer and saves time and work. The commercial royalty-free license from Envato Elements lets you use themes and plugins for any project without extra costs or licensing limitations.

How to utilize Envato Elements with WordPress:

  • Subscribe to Envato Elements and log in.
  • Browse Envato Elements’ WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Select a theme or plugin and click “Download” to save it to your PC.
  • Log into WordPress and go to “Appearance” on the dashboard.
  • Go to the “Themes” tab and click “Add New” at the top.
  • Select the downloaded theme file from your computer and click “Upload Theme”.
  • WordPress uploads and installs the theme, which you may activate on your website.
  • Envato Elements plugins may be installed from the WordPress dashboard’s “Plugins” section by clicking “Add New”.
  • Select the downloaded plugin file from your computer and click “Upload Plugin”.
  • You may activate and use the plugin once WordPress uploads and installs it.

How to use Envato Elements web templates

  • Subscribe to Envato Elements and log in.
  • Browse Envato Elements’ site templates.
  • Select a template and click “Download” to save it on your PC.
  • Open Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Visual Studio after unzipping the template file.
  • Customize the template with text, photos, and other aspects in web design software.
  • Export your personalized site template as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript when satisfied.
  • Upload the exported files to a web server to build your website.
How to use Envato Elements web templates
How to use Envato Elements web templates

What Is Included In Envato Elements?

Envato Elements’ broad selection of creative elements sets it apart from other stock websites. Many alternatives focus on video and photographs, but the platform has everything.

Our huge range makes it easy to get everything you need for a new website, graphic, or movie without several memberships. Subscribers can get more extensive Envato reviews.

Envato Stock Videos

Stock videos are pricey, and most envato stock video platforms limit how many you can download per month. Elements Envato has no credit system and limitless downloads.

Envato Stock Video
Envato Stock Video

The platform offers over two million stock videos and almost a half million envato motion graphics. You can easily filter all these by various criteria, including:

  • Resolution
  • Frame rate
  • Length
  • Properties like alpha channeled videos and looped videos

Some examples of envato stock videos you can find on the platform include drone footage over cities, people sitting around, modeling, landscape footage,… along with many other types of videos.

Video Templates

Download many video templates to construct marketing, promotional videos along with stock pictures. These videos can promote items, podcast or YouTube video introductions, ads, and more.

video envato templates
Video Envato Templates

Video editors have approximately 60,000 templates. Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve are video editors. Video template filters include application supported, categories, resolution, and plugins required.


Music, like stock footage, is expensive and complex to source. Envato Elements makes it easy to source good stock audio for podcasts, video introductions, ads, and more.

Music from Envato
Music from Envato

You can choose from over 100,000 royalty-free audio tracks across a wide range of genres. Some examples of the types of audio tracks you can find include metal, folksy songs, electronic music, holiday music, and many more options.

Some of the filters you can use to sort through these tracks include:

  • Genre
  • Mood
  • Instruments
  • Categories
  • Vocals
  • Tempo
  • Length
  • Properties

Envato Sound Effects

Envato Elements’ sound effects selection is very impressive. The site has over 600,000 sound bytes and envato sound effects for films, ads, podcasts, and more.

envato sound effects
Envato Sound Effects

The platform offers game sounds, nature sounds, urban sounds, human sounds, cartoon sounds, industrial sounds, futuristic sounds,… Category, length, and property are filters for searching hundreds of thousands of sound bytes.

Graphic Templates

One area that can become a bit confusing is the different types of graphics and images that you can choose from on Envato Elements. One of these areas is graphic templates, which differs from the graphics section.

Graphic Templates at Envato Elements
Graphic Templates at Envato Elements

Graphic templates include mockup graphics, user experience, user interface graphics kits, infographics, envato element logos, scene generators,… The platform has approximately 200,000 customizable graphics templates.

Users can filter through these different graphics by categories, color space, orientation, supported applications,… properties such as layered or vector.


Envato Graphics
Envato Graphics

The graphics offerings of Envato Elements differ a bit from the graphics templates in the types of graphics on offer. Some examples of graphics that can be downloaded include:

  • Backgrounds
  • Textures
  • Social media graphics
  • Objects
  • Illustrations
  • Patterns
  • Icons

In total, there are over 100,000 graphics that can be downloaded from the platform. These can be used in editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, and Affinity Designer. Categories, applications, file types, and features like vector, layered, and tileable can be used to filter graphics.

Presentation Templates

One of the most annoying things about running a business can be creating presentations for sales, marketing, regular internal meetings… This is another area where Envato Elements can potentially help.

Presentation Templates at Envato Elements
Presentation Templates at Envato Elements

The portal has over 90,000 professional presentations for sales, marketing, and slide decks. PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides can filter all presentations.


If you’ve ever built a website, you know that finding unique photos is difficult. Photos on Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash are commonly misused.

Envato Photos
Envato Photos

Stock photographs may work. Many paid stock photographs are still utilized, but their price makes them less popular than free stock photos.

Envato Elements offers over six million stock photos that can be used for a range of websites and social media uses. You can filter through these by color, the number of people, orientation, and background.


Fonts can be a major vehicle for creating unique branding on your website and other marketing materials. What many people don?t realize, though. Is that fonts can often be quite expensive for licensing. If you want to use something other than the many free fonts available such as Google Fonts.

Fonts at Envato Elements
Fonts at Envato Elements

With Envato Elements, you can select from over 35,000 fonts from a range of styles, including serif, sans serif, script & handwritten, decorative fonts… The platform makes it easy to sort through all these fonts using various filters, including categories, spacing, sizing,… properties such as web fonts.


Add-Ons at Envato Elements
Add-Ons at Envato Elements

One of the creative offerings that I find particularly appealing from Envato Elements is their many add-ons that you can choose from. These are various add-ons that work with popular design tools such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Procreate

In total, you can choose from over 15,000 add-ons that serve a wide range of purposes and functions. Some examples of these include creating a firestorm effect on Adobe Photoshop, adding a Game Logo Text Style to Adobe Illustrator, adding a Smoke Effect to Adobe Photoshop,…

Web Templates

Envato Elements’ web templates are another great resource. Email, landing page, and other templates help speed up page design and improve quality.

Web Templates at Envato Elements
Web Templates at Envato Elements

Over 4,000 web templates are available, including homepage templates, landing page templates for sales, sign-ups, email templates for marketing, sales,… Modern email newsletter templates, tidy ebook landing pages, innovative coming soon templates are examples…

You can filter through all the different web templates available through categories, properties such as responsive, templates that come with PSD files, retina-ready templates…

CMS Templates

Envato Elements has many non-WordPress templates. Even without a custom-coded WordPress website, this can help you get the designs you want.

CMS Templates
CMS Templates

Elements Envato offers thousands of single-page and full-site templates. Shopify to Magento are support.

WordPress Elements

One final area in terms of content management systems that Envato Elements offers tons of resources for is WordPress.

WordPress Elements
WordPress Elements

There are thousands of themes, plug-ins, add-ons, and template kits available. These can make creating the perfect WordPress website for your needs much easier.

3D Objects

One final type of creative asset that you can find on the Envato Elements platform is 3D objects generated from real-life objects. These files can be downloaded as either PNG files or PSD (Photoshop) files.

3D Objects
3D Objects

Some examples of different types of 3D objects that you can find on the Envato Elements platform include:

  • Lightbulbs
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sunglasses
  • Books
  • Phones
  • Bikes
  • Plants
  • Houses
  • People
  • And much more

In total, there are over 100,000 3D objects available, with more being added every month. These can be used for a wide range of purposes and are easily customizable when downloaded as Photoshop files.

Envato Elements Pricing

How much does Envato Elements premium cost? That entirely depends on which of the two plans that you choose based on monthly or annual pricing.

envato elements premium
Envato Elements Premium

The basic package costs $33 per month for unlimited downloads. It offers simple commercial licensing for most popular assets from all Envato marketplaces.

The second plan gives the same benefits as the first, but you’ll pre-pay for a year of Envato Elements at $16.50 per month. With an annual subscription, you’ll spend $198 every year, saving $198 or 50% off the monthly plan’s $396.

If you’re a multimedia agency or creative design studio that buys creative assets many times a month. Elements Envato can be recouped in a few usage each month.

Free Envato Elements accounts can be linked to your account. Before signing up, you may browse Elements Envato’s complete inventory by category. And search for specific assets to check if they’re in the paying subscription.

Discounted Student Plan Available

Discounted Student Plan Available
Discounted Student Plan Available

Student Envato Elements subscriptions cost $11.50 per month, a 30% discount. We’re grateful Envato offers something to help low-income students. You can refer here.

12 Free Digital Files Each Month

Free solutions are available on Envato Elements with premium creative elements. These files span all platform file and creative types.

Free Monthly Files
Free Monthly Files

Some examples of items you can find on the Envato Elements free platform include:

  • Fonts
  • Stock videos
  • Lightroom presets
  • Graphic templates
  • Stock photos

There are many other options that span a wide range of categories. Each month, you can choose from twelve free files just by signing up for an account on the platform.

My experience with Envato Elements

Having used various digital marketplaces for creative resources, my experience with Envato Elements has been particularly noteworthy. Here’s my detailed review:

Envato Elements: A Comprehensive Creative Resource

  • Wide Range of Digital Assets: The variety and breadth of digital assets available on Envato are impressive. The platform serves as a one-stop-shop, offering everything from high-quality themes and templates to unique graphics and audio files. This diversity allows me to find exactly what I need for various projects.
  • Quality of Resources: The quality of assets created by skilled designers and developers on Envato is commendable. It’s apparent that many contributors are professionals in their field, which reflects in the quality of the products.
  • Clear Licensing Options: One aspect of Envato that stands out is the clarity of its licensing terms. Understanding how to use and distribute the purchased items is straightforward, which is crucial for legal compliance and ethical use of digital assets.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Inconsistencies in Product Quality: While there are many high-quality items on Envato, I’ve encountered inconsistencies. Not all products meet the same standards, which can be a challenge when looking for consistently top-notch resources.
  • Complex Licensing Terms: Despite clear licensing options, the complexity and variety of terms can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for users who are new to navigating licensing in digital marketplaces.

Envato Elements Review Final Thoughts

Envato Elements is a good solution that needs frequent access to royalty-free creative assets, But it has some quality difficulties and lacks creative materials for Joomla and Drupal.

Designers will like the platform’s ease of use and vast creative asset library. Since this is a subscription service, consider how often you will need these files. The platform may not be worth it for occasional photo needs. Envato Elements may be best for professional designers and content creators.

We hope this Envato Elements Review article is helpful for you. Thanks for visiting SaaS Review Tools!

The best tool for creators and designers to simplify their work

  • Unlimited downloads stock videos, musics, templates,…
  • Assets can be used commercially, simple licensing.
  • Plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises.
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Envato Elements Alternatives and Competitors


Artlist is a website specializing in stock music, providing royalty-free tracks and sound effects for licensing. The aim was to bridge the gap between affordable, low-quality music platforms and expensive, high-tier licensing companies.


Storyblocks is a swift video creation platform enabling the quick production of high-quality videos to meet strategic objectives. It offers an extensive library of unlimited, royalty-free video, audio, and images.

Customer reviews about Envato Elements

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    Offering digital services, assets, and resources to enhance the creativity of your projects, it provides an extensive and distinctive collection of digital assets in its library for designers, creators, businesses, and more. Supplying a variety of themes, fonts, templates, photos, illustrations, videos, and much more specifically tailored for WordPress, it also caters to bloggers seeking templates for their videos. Additionally, graphic designers and illustrators can access a plethora of design tools through this platform.

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