Top 10 Best PiPiADs Alternatives To Gather Intelligence On Your Competitors’s Ads

Top 10 Best Pipiads Alternatives To Gather Intelligence On Your Competitorss Ads

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Finding a new advertising network could be beneficial if you’ve become tired of PiPiADs. Several advertisers and companies have found success with the PiPiADs network, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. To assist you in locating the ideal replacement for PiPiADs, this post will examine the Top 10 Best PiPiADs Alternatives. We will talk about their strengths, weaknesses, and applicability to various enterprises.

What is PiPiADs?

PiPiads is now the best Tiktok ad spy tool in the world, and it holds the number one spot. You can run innovative ads with PiPiads, watch those ads, and also gather intelligence on the advertising techniques employed by your competitors. You will be able to identify high-traffic products relevant to your specialty that you can then promote.

What is PiPiADs
What is PiPiADs

Most importantly, you will have access to pertinent information that will assist you in running the ads on TikTok advertising platform, such as impressions of the ads, your target audience, and dates that are appropriate. You’ll have no trouble determining the particular kind of TikTok adverts that will best serve your purposes when you use this tool. It could be to generate sales (selling via e-commerce), or it could be to increase the visibility and awareness of the brand.

Simply put, this indicates that PiPiads has your back no matter how little you know about TikTok ads. They’ve got you covered.

Why you need to consider PiPiADs Alternatives?

There are several reasons why considering PiPiADs alternatives might be beneficial:

  1. Diverse Advertising Needs: Different businesses have unique advertising needs and strategies. While PiPiADs might be excellent for TikTok ad spying, other platforms might offer tools and features better suited to the specific advertising goals of a business.
  2. Platform Specialization: PiPiADs is primarily focused on TikTok. If your marketing strategy includes other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you might require a tool that offers a broader range of platform coverage.
  3. Feature Set and Capabilities: Some alternatives to PiPiADs might offer additional or more advanced features that are not available on PiPiADs. This could include more detailed analytics, broader ad spying capabilities, or better integration with other marketing tools.
  4. Pricing and Value for Money: Depending on your budget and the scale of your advertising efforts, an alternative to PiPiADs might offer a better value proposition. This is particularly relevant if you’re a small business or a solo entrepreneur with limited resources.

Top 10 Best PiPiADs Alternatives

In this article, we would like to recommend the Top 10 Best PiPiADs Alternatives to gather intelligence on the advertising techniques employed by your competitors.


Minea is at the very top of the list. Without a sure, one of the most effective PiPiAds alternatives. After putting Minea through its paces for a considerable amount of time, we are confident in stating that it is one of the most effective and cost-effective alternatives to PiPiAds.

Minea - The Best PiPiADs Alternative
Minea – The Best PiPiADs Alternative

Minea is an all-in-one ad spy tool that can be used for product research as well as competition analysis, in contrast to Pipiads, which is designed exclusively for TikTok Ad spy. It is compatible with a variety of platforms, including Facebook and Instagram advertisements, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok, among others.

If you are interested in making use of influencers for the promotion of your business, another fantastic thing is that there is also the option of influencer marketing. You won’t have any trouble locating key opinion leaders who are interested in your goods. Minea is an affordable option that has a large number of services, as the most expensive pricing plan costs only $99 per month.


PowerAdSpy, as a great PiPiADs Alternatives, enable you to search through their database of over 50,000,000 real-world Ads by 2,000,000+, with over 1,000,000+ monthly updates in over 15 Countries so far.


They provide one of the simplest ways to review what type of ads their user’s competitors are using. They can view the complete ad (Original Copy) and the current interaction it has (likes, shares, and comments).


Dropispy is without a doubt the most effective PiPiADs Alternatives. It gives you the ability to look through a database that contains forty million advertisements from various social networks.


This PiPiADs Alternative gives you access to real-time data on your competitors’ advertisements as well as their ongoing contacts with customers (likes, shares, comments, reactions). The quickest and most convenient way to discover the most inspiring advertisements.

  • The database has tens of millions of ads and is updated every day.
  • You can sort the advertisements according to the destination e-commerce platform, interactions, target audience (country, age, and gender), post date creation, CTA, and other criteria.
  • You can search for advertisements using keywords, URLs, or page names.
  • Discover the top Dropshipping Businesses, as well as all of the most popular and cutting-edge Items
  • Analysis of data in real time for advertisements, products, and stores
  • There is a free plan available to try out Dropispy and learn more about it. There is no need for a credit card!


As a result, Niche Scraper is a tool that assists dropshippers in locating products that are successful thanks to a number of highly intriguing qualities. Shopify is used by a lot of online retailers as the platform for their online store, but there are also alternative options…


When it comes to its functionality, Niche Scraper is somewhat comparable to eComhunt and Sell The Trend; nevertheless, this PiPiADs Alternatives offers advantages that those two other applications do not. At this time, Niche Scraper has five primary functions that can assist you in increasing both your sales and your turnover.

This search engine not only provides you with access to all of the interesting metrics on the performance of a product, but it also enables you to apply filters in order to refine the results of your search. Because of the filters, there are a great many different possibilities:

  • Spy on tiktok ads
  • Explore one or more of the twenty available categories.
  • Discover products with high performance levels in a particular nation (France, England, etc.)
  • With the help of AliScore, you can quickly determine the “power” of a product.
  • Determine in a flash whether or not the product sheet includes a video.
  • Also, look for it through a keyword search.


BigSpy is a spy tool for online advertising and e-commerce marketing. This program compiles a significant amount of data, which may include advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Shopify, and it is often updated. It draws your attention to marketing advertisements by filtering them according to ad kind, country, creative type, industry type, call to action, and time, among other things.


You can view products that are connected by conducting a search for the country, the type of industry, and the shelf life. You will have an easy time locating the advertisements that are successful in your particular niche. It gives you the ability to run advertisements that are both more profitable and less expensive.

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is a service that provides all of the tools necessary to run a successful dropshipping business out of a single location. Offering brand new Social Proof Goods on a daily basis, each one has been derived from social media and put through a calculator that was developed specifically for the purpose of determining the product’s engagement score.

Dropship Spy
Dropship Spy

That way, you may have complete confidence that the product you are selling is going to be successful! Each one comes with the information of its original advertisement, as well as graphs that show the progression of sales. Better decisions can be made with more information.

Yet, this pipiads free alternative is helpful in more ways than only conducting research on products. In addition to this, it offers assistance with adverts, which is very helpful for people who aren’t very knowledgeable about marketing. You can have video advertisements that are made from genuine footage, in addition to slideshows, one of which will have text and the other will not. Facebook will create specialized audiences for you to target with your advertisements on the platform.

In advertising, having two different ad versions for each product and targeting the proper buyer is half the battle.


Adplexity is one of the greatest spy tools for mobile native ads, and it will keep you apprised of the advertising campaigns that are generating the most revenue for your competitors. This platform is compatible with a wide variety of mobile networks, including StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, and Leadbolt ad networks; Adcash, PopAds, PropellerAds, and ZeroPark popup services; and several mobile web ad exchanges.



Anstrex is the most effective ads spy tool currently available, and you should use it if you want to learn the details of your competitors’ internet advertising strategies. Our push notification ad spy tool gathers information from 15 different ad networks across 92 different countries, and our native ad spy tool gathers information from 27 different native ad networks from 33 different countries and counting.


We have access to more information than any other surveillance instrument. You have access to a wide variety of search and filtering options, as well as numerous methods for sorting the data. You are able to remember your search algorithms using our advanced searching methods, which enables you to recall previous searches with only a few clicks of the mouse. This enables you to further refine the data that you are looking for.


The following is a list of the primary characteristics of AdSpy, the world’s largest database of Facebook and Instagram advertisements:

  • 51 million advertisements, and the number is expanding every day
  • Mobile ads
  • Since 2016, 9 million marketers have been monitored every day across 184 countries.
  • 80 different languages
  • You can search using ad text, URLs, the URLs of landing pages, comments, and affiliate networks.
  • Filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes
  • When the adverts were first seen by users or when they were first produced.
  • You can search for the technologies that are being utilized; for instance, you can search for all advertising that use Shopify on their landing pages.
  • Scan all affiliate offer URLs, including landing sites and redirects. Comprehensive anti-cloaking protection solution based on residential Internet Protocol addresses and actual browsers

It is one of the greatest advertising intelligence apps available, boasting the quickest search and the most comprehensive database.

Connect Explore

With Connect Explore by Wilco de Kreij, you can discover Facebook interests in a way that you could not have imagined before. It is all about return on investment (ROI), and you need a genuine competitive edge if you want to be successful and have a strong ROI, such as 300 percent or even 600 percent return on investment.

Connect Explore
Connect Explore

It requires time and money, neither of which the majority of us have and neither of which we want to spend. This brand-new technology will make it possible for you to rectify that situation by enabling you to pursue high-targeted interests without having to compete with the efforts of thousands of other marketers. Identify the best interests and the audiences that are most engaged, and then measure which interests are the most successful.

Our Recommendation

If you’re exploring alternatives to PiPiADs for enhancing your advertising strategies on platforms like TikTok, there are several notable options to consider. Each alternative offers unique features and benefits, catering to various business needs and marketing goals. Here are some top recommendations:

  1. Minea: Touted as a top PiPiADs alternative, Minea offers an all-in-one ad spy tool suitable for both product research and competitor analysis. It supports multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok, and offers influencer marketing options.
  2. PowerAdSpy: Known for its extensive database, PowerAdSpy allows you to explore a vast array of real-world ads across multiple countries. This tool is particularly useful for reviewing competitors’ ads and understanding their interaction metrics.
  3. Dropispy: Dropispy excels as a PiPiADs alternative with a focus on social network advertising. It provides real-time data on competitors’ ads and customer interactions, making it a great tool for discovering inspiring advertisements.
  4. BigSpy: BigSpy stands out for compiling extensive data across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Shopify. It filters marketing ads effectively and helps in identifying successful ads in your niche.


PiPiADs may be an excellent advertising network for certain companies, but this does not mean that it is the optimal choice for all companies. To our good fortune, there are a number of PiPiADs Alternatives that provide services that are equivalent to or even superior to those offered by PiPiADs. Be sure to give some thought to your company’s requirements, financial constraints, and long-term objectives before settling on a replacement. By researching the various PiPiADs Alternatives, you can locate the advertising network that is most suitable for the requirements of your company.

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