AMZ Tracker Review – The Best Amazon Keyword Tracker

Amz Tracker is a tool for tracking Amazon sales and rank. It facilitates the management of product promotion, conversion, and other aspects through tools like keyword research, super URLs, email reports, and more.

If you are hesitating as to whether or not AMZ Tracker is the perfect solution for your company, read on. To help you decide whether or not to spend your money, I’ll go over all the features and benefits in this AMZ Tracker Review.

What is AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker is a tool that runs in the cloud and enables Amazon sellers to monitor their sales, revenue, and ranking on the marketplace. The platform provides capabilities for keyword research, analysis of the competition, and email management of marketing strategies and campaigns, which can all be used for this purpose.

AMZ will also create in-depth analytics reports for you, which will assist you in more accurately gauging product conversions. Utilizing these information effectively may further optimize sales strategies and ensure promotions are managed in an appropriate manner. AMZ Tracker is definitely still an excellent pick with all the basic features you need, so if you are searching for a solution to help you boost your total Amazon sales, AMZ Tracker is a smart option to consider.

Who should use AMZ Tracker?

It is recommended that FBA sellers utilize it if they list private label products, bundles, or multi-packs. AMZ Tracker. If you improve your listings, then this tool will work for you much more effectively. If you are the one who created the Amazon listing, this step is straightforward.

This instrument might not be worth the cost if your FBA business plan involves competing for the Buybox and jumping on current listings. Because it is difficult to update listings that have not been created.

AMZ Tracker Pros & Cons


  • Visual dashboard makes it simple.
  • Finds and tracks product keywords
  • Optimizes listings
  • Increases sales by increasing product discovery.
  • Increases product reviews.
  • Product promotion on Vipon offers is fantastic.


  • It?s a little pricey if you?re a serious seller with multiple products
  • The included features in the price structure are different if you pay monthly or annually
  • Not really suitable for sellers who want to vie for the Buybox on existing listings
  • There are other Amazon seller tools on the market that are more affordable

How to use AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker offers a variety of features for Amazon sellers, so the specific way you use it will depend on your goals. However, here’s a general overview of how to get started:

1. Setting Up:

  • Create an Account: Head over to and sign up for a free trial or paid plan.
  • Connect Your Amazon Sellers Account: This allows AMZ Tracker to access your product data and track performance.
  • Import Products: You can add individual products or bulk upload a spreadsheet.

2. Keyword Research:

  • Use the Keyword Tracker: Enter seed keywords related to your products and let AMZ Tracker find relevant long-tail keywords with high search volume and low competition.
  • Analyze Competitor Keywords: See what keywords your competitors are ranking for and identify potential opportunities.
  • Utilize Deepwords: This feature helps uncover hidden gems – highly converting long-tail keywords often missed by other tools.

3. Product Listing Optimization:

  • Analyze Listing Quality: Get insights on your listing’s strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors.
  • Optimize Title and Bullet Points: Use AMZ Tracker’s suggestions to improve your listing’s visibility and click-through rate (CTR).
  • Track Ranking Positions: Monitor your ranking for specific keywords over time and identify areas for improvement.

4. Sales and Competitor Tracking:

  • Monitor Product Sales: Track your daily, weekly, and monthly sales for each product.
  • Compare to Competitors: See how your sales stack up against your competitors and identify trends.
  • Set up Alerts: Get notified when your ranking, price, or inventory levels change for key products or competitors.

5. Additional Features:

  • Review Management: Request and manage customer reviews through AMZ Tracker Review Club.
  • Inventory Management: Track inventory levels and set up automatic purchase orders to avoid stockouts.
  • Promotions and Coupons: Create and manage promotional campaigns within the platform.

Features of AMZ Tracker

Now that you’ve made the decision to use this tool, let’s examine some of the other tools that are at your disposal that are among the most helpful ones.

Offensive Strategy

The offensive strategy of this tool is based on raising your sales, which will ultimately increase both your rankings and your conversion rate.

Offensive Strategy
Offensive Strategy

Product Tracking

FBA vendors on Amazon are required to track their sales and profitability.

Product Tracking
Product Tracking

With AMZ’s product tracker, you can keep tabs on how well your products are selling and make adjustments in real time.

Keyword Tracking / Research Tool

Find out first what customers are looking for when they search for your products. It recognizes search words in this manner. In addition to this, it will highlight the keywords that your competitors are failing to use.

Keyword Tracking
Keyword Tracking

You are interested in learning how well your products rank for the keywords you have chosen. How can you improve your listings so that you make more sales?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using AMZ Tracker, you may analyze each listing on Amazon for which you wish to get a higher ranking and determine the best way to do so.

So, whatever aspects of the listing have an impact on the rankings?

  • Length
  • Highlights
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Rated products
  • Number of product reviews Optimal description length

On-Page Analyzer

It is more difficult to request customers for reviews due to the terms of service that Amazon has in place. However, this results in a greater number of reviews being written. In this particular scenario, a promotion might bring in more customers. This improves the odds of getting a review.

AMZ Tracker gives you the ability to design this promotion in the dashboard after you have first created coupons in Seller Central. You may keep an eye on your marketing, as well.

Super URLs

It is more difficult to request customers for reviews due to the terms of service that Amazon has in place. However, this results in a greater number of reviews being written. In this particular scenario, a promotion might bring in more customers. This improves the odds of getting a review.

AMZ Tracker gives you the ability to design this promotion in the dashboard after you have first created coupons in Seller Central. You may keep an eye on your marketing, as well.

Defensive Strategy

Alerts for Negative Reviews

You should always respond right away when you get a negative or low-star review. AMZ Tracker will be notified if a review is negative.

Therefore, you have the option of responding to the review within your seller central account or requesting that Amazon remove it. Product and delivery reviews that Amazon has personally fulfilled are typically deleted.

Hijack Alerts

How frequently do you find that a single product listing has been altered to a listing for a multi-pack after it has already been published? Because you sold one object, you are required to cancel and refund too many orders. Unluckily, hijackers who don’t care about ethics will completely change a listing. AMZ Tracker will alert you when a listing has been hijacked.

Find a solution to the problem before it starts to affect sales and reviews.

Email Notification Tool / Reports

Through its email notification feature, you are able to stay up to date on the products that you are monitoring. You have the ability to customize the settings to your preferences, right down to the regularity with which you receive email notifications. Even the email reports can be altered to conform to the visual aesthetic of your company.

When monitoring multiple Amazon accounts on behalf of customers, this gives you the ability to select which address to use as the “sent from” address.

Account Performance

Subscribers to AMZ Tracker are granted access to the Hijack Report Ebook as part of the membership package. This article will describe what steps to take in the event that your listing is stolen, as well as what steps to do in the event that it is recovered and returned to you. In addition to this, it provides specific tactics for dealing with adversaries and detractors.

AMZ Tracker Price and Evaluation

If you’re a serious retailer with more than 50 products, the cost of this tool can add up quickly. If you pay for a year in advance, however, you save money and gain access to additional benefits.

AMZ Tracker Price and Evaluation
AMZ Tracker Price and Evaluation

You can try out the service risk-free for a week before committing to a subscription if you like what you see.

My Evaluation about AMZ Tracker

As someone who has had extensive experience with various digital marketing tools, I’ve had the opportunity to use AMZ Tracker. Here’s my comprehensive review based on my personal experience:

What AMZ Tracker Does:

  • Keyword Rank Tracking: One of AMZ Tracker’s standout features is its ability to track your product’s ranking on Amazon for target keywords. This is incredibly useful for understanding how visible your products are in search results.
  • Listing Optimization: The tool assists in optimizing your product listings on Amazon. It can identify areas for improvement, which is crucial for enhancing visibility and sales.
  • Competitor Analysis: Another significant aspect is its capability to analyze competitors’ listings. This feature provides insights into what competitors might be doing right or wrong, allowing you to adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Negative Review Alerts: AMZ Tracker also sends alerts for negative reviews, enabling quick responses and damage control, which is vital for maintaining a positive brand image.
  • Hijacking Alerts: The platform alerts you to potential hijacking attempts on your listings, ensuring you can take timely action to protect your products.
  • Access to Vipon: As a user of AMZ Tracker, you get access to Vipon, AMZ Tracker’s deal site. This can be a game-changer in boosting sales and improving search rankings on Amazon.

My Recommendation:

  • After using AMZ Tracker for a considerable period, I found it to be a comprehensive tool for anyone serious about succeeding on Amazon. It covers multiple aspects of Amazon selling, from SEO to reputation management. I would recommend AMZ Tracker to anyone looking for an all-in-one solution to manage and grow their Amazon business.


AMZ Tracker helps Amazon FBA sellers with keyword research, sales and listing analysis, and product sales optimization. It’s great for private-label or white-label vendors and bundlers. You can edit your listings as needed.

AMZ Tracker is a leader in Amazon Seller Software, helping Sellers Skyrocket their Amazon sales:

  • Product Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking / Research Tool
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • On-Page Analyzer
  • Super URLs
  • Alerts for Negative Reviews
  • Hijack Alerts
  • Email Notification Tool / Reports
  • Account Performance
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AMZ Tracker Alternatives and Competitors


Sellzone is a toolkit to aid businesses in handling earch engine optimization, product listings, prescriptive analytics, and more for Amazon stores. It has features like product research,listing quality checks, PPC optimizer and more.


Zonguru is advanced software crafted to aid in the growth of your Amazon seller brand, business, and agencies. It features 17 distinct tools that can be help an Amazon seller or elevate your selling business to the next level.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a suite of eCommerce tools tailored for entrepreneurs and businesses to handle product management, sales, keyword identification, trend spotting, listing optimization, advertising campaign streamlining, and other tasks on Amazon.


Keepa is a platform for Amazon research and price tracking that aids sellers in gaining insights into items they intend to sell on Amazon. The software allows users to access fundamental data about a product, such as price, category, rank, and rating.

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