BigSpy Review – Best Ads Spy Tools for Digital Marketers

BigSpy is an online advertising spy tool to assist businesses and individuals in finding creative inspiration for marketing campaigns. The platform includes a diverse database of advertisements, enabling teams to explore ads using different filters.

Are you skeptical of BigSpy? Do you find it hard to decide if it is the right tool for you to invest your hard-earned money on as a digital marketer? You are in the right place!

Here you will find a critical BigSpy review without mincing words or playing favoritism.

What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is an exceptional fb ads spy tool that offers a vast database of over 850,000,000 ads from more than 40 countries. This platform aggregates ads from various networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Admob, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. In this comprehensive BigSpy review, we will explore its features and benefits in depth.

Currently, they have covered more than 46 countries and 76+ languages, so you can find a vast amount of data. The most interesting part is that it allows you to spy on all the YouTube ads that are running on the platform.

When you?re competing in digital marketing with your facebook ads competitor, it?s a terrific best spy tool for facebook ads. If you?re curious about your competition or want to know how many advertisements they?ve run and how well they?ve performed, this is the place to go. It can help you, and you can always find something useful there.

With the use of BigSpy you can capture the most important information from various social media platforms and channels where it grab ads from various social media networks. Apart from that, it is facebook ads spy tools free assists marketers in monitoring competitors? ads, particularly on Facebook, allowing them to check the competitor?s advertising ideas and techniques in order to achieve their goals and reach a high ROI!

It is a must-have tool for any digital marketing team, as it allows you to discover untapped markets and profitable opportunities, as well as minimize the stress of developing all content, determining campaign goals, and more.

BigSpy caters to a wide range of users, including:

  • Media Buyers
  • Ad Designers
  • Advertising Analysts
  • Ad Agencies
  • Commerce Platforms
  • Dropshipping Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Advertisers Seeking Knowledge Enhancement

Now, let’s delve deeper into this BigSpy review to uncover additional insights.

BigSpy has designed their website in such a way that it’s accessible to every user irrespective of their technical savviness. The user-interface is friendly and easy to use.

How BigSpy works
How BigSpy works

The working mode is similar to using social media platforms or dating sites to filter the type of friends you want, their location, age, and other attributes based on your preference.

However, in this regard, we will be working with physical products. These images will guide you through step-by-step on how it works.

Using BigSpy

Let’s assume that we want to spy the top advertisers in our niche of acne removal. The first thing is to register and activate your account. After upgrading, click on “search now” from the homepage.

Using BigSpy
Using BigSpy

Next, choose the social media platform of your choice. Here, we will be making use of Facebook. Enter your keyword (acne removal) and select the social media platform you would love to run your ads.

Select the page category, language, country, your marketing objectives, your call-to-action, and the eCommerce software. For beginners, it might be a good choice to leave the other selections blank and just enter the product you wish to analyze.

Search Results
Search Results

From our selections above, you can see that we have 65 results in 90 days that match our search term. After analyzing each of the results, you can choose to get an insight into the performance of that ad. That would inform you about the likely performance of your ads too.

AD Details
AD Details

The detailed insights, after tracking, should look like this ( more access in the pro version):

Using BigSpy For Ad Ideas

Let’s say you want to get ads ideas on Facebook using acne removal as your keyword. It will return something like this:

Using BigSpy For Ad Ideas
Using BigSpy For Ad Ideas

You can check the performance of each advert leveraging the engagement, such as likes, comments, number of shares, and the type of content used ? texts or videos. Users can explore other tools and Software integrated to have a first-hand experience. Don’t pause now, explore this comprehensive BigSpy review for further information.

While BigSpy is a very powerful tool that assists advertisers in getting ads inspiration and making marketing campaigns, it also has its own downsides. Some of these are explored in detail below.

The Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface: BigSpy boasts an intuitive user interface that caters to both beginners and experts. Its features are easy to navigate, and the homepage provides tutorials and demos, making it ideal for users at all levels.
  • Detailed Ads Analysis: With its extensive database and advanced filtering capabilities, BigSpy allows you to conduct in-depth analysis of ads. This detailed information empowers you to understand how specific products convert and optimize your own campaigns accordingly.
  • Online Support: BigSpy offers online support, ensuring you can seek assistance whenever you encounter challenges while using the tool.

The Cons

As has been said, BigSpy also has its own disadvantages. Some of them are discussed below:

  • A big gap in prices: BigSpy works with three kinds of price packages, they are $9 of the basic plan, $99 of the premium plan, and $399 of the elite plan, respectively. The price gap is kind of big, but the price of a premium plan is reasonable, even cheaper than some competitors? tools. We dare say the pricing is fair, seeing as they provide more detailed information in ads analysis than supposed competitors.
  • Limited free access: BigSpy has free access, but it is quite limited. users can only test Facebook ads tool with 10 queries, it may be difficult to try it out well.

Don’t overlook the importance of reading this BigSpy review in order to gather all the necessary information.

How to use BigSpy

Easy methods to utilize BigSpy are below:

Accessing the Dashboard

Log into BigSpy after buying a plan to see a user-friendly dashboard. Many ad creative searches appear on the dashboard. Use it to boost your marketing.

Accessing the Dashboard
Accessing the Dashboard

Filtering various Ads

Put keywords in various categories to find what you need. Type “Hosting” into the category field to get marketing adverts.

Filtering various Ads
Filtering various Ads

You may also include your audience’s country. For more detailed and relevant information, write down language, device kinds, and more.

Learning Ad Information

The dashboard shows ad popularity, views, and engagement. It can even discover advertising with a specific home page URL. You may also see the landing page URL using BigSpy.

Save the Ad that you want to use

Click the star to save an ad to your Favorites. Remember to mark it for easier sorting. Saving an ad turns the star symbol yellow.

Your saved and tagged creatives form your ad library. View your favorites by clicking “My Saved” beside your login.

Save the Ad that you want to use
Save the Ad that you want to use

Best Features and Benefits of BigSpy

We have come to the main segment of the BigSpy, the icing on the cake. As mentioned earlier, it has a wide range of incredible features for all internet marketers and digital professionals. Below are the key features and usability.

Market research and competitor analysis are the two most essential aspects of digital business. BigSpy has a massive intuitive database.

It means that for every ad you want to run, you can have insights on over millions of ads.?Gaining access to other people’s ads can serve as a pointer to know what works and what doesn’t not.

As a premium member, it allows users to harness valuable data that enable them to have an insight into marketing trends and advertising strategies. This feature eliminates complex product research and unending testing.

BigSpy is not one-dimensional as it is fully integrated with the top 7 social media platforms. Users can select any of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, YouTube, or Yahoo in gaining insights on the performance of their ads before launching it.

Big Ads Database
Big Ads Database

This feature eliminates guess works as you can track hundreds of other ads by facebook ads competitors and analyze the real-time performance across different social media platforms.

BigSpy not only helps on what to advertise, but its featured search entity also helps you to locate most viewed ads people tracked. That is the most popular demand in the market. This could Centre on products, brands, or supplier services.

This feature earns you the benefit to get ideas with social proof and real-time data, allowing you to monitor, all by yourself, as activities ensue, and eventually are profitable.

Choosing The Right Ads
Choosing The Right Ads

Furthermore, the self-services include a smart ability of the model to pick winning or trending ads regularly. This is enough proof that, based on joining a competitive market, your mind is geared to a win-win situation, optimally, and poised optimism.

With BigSpy, you can track your ads’ performance as well as that of the others. Why worry sick about market growth, performance, or how many accounts have viewed your products steadily?

The distinguishing feature of my tracked is to analyze and evaluate the result of your ads campaigns and those of your competitors.

Self-Tracking Services
Self-Tracking Services

It’s so comprehensive that you can download the analytics of any on-going advertising campaign while tracking it. You will have access to the detailed insight of any campaigns.

This will enable users to understand the identify market trends, understand consumer’s psychometric, and how they respond to various forms of ads. You can also compare text-based ads with video ads to see which one works best for a specific product.

BigSpy also works with the features to collect the ads people tracked. With people tracked, you can use this self-service to help you peruse what people prioritize and patronize.?It is irrefutable to assert that digital marketers and eCommerce enthusiasts seek to take a different dimensional drive to a successful end.

This is what spurs users the enablement to view the most tracked and popular demands, by users, in the market world. With the team amassing the best and winning Ads for your views, you can get a glimpse of what Ads your competitors and the market riches use, for booming market sales.

BigSpy has one of the most impressive and automated search engines that makes searching for suitable creatives easy. Also, it encompasses the skyrocketing feature of compiled demographics, including age, gender, and region.

Filtering your search redirects you to a world of specifics and date, and affiliate network offers.?The powerful search engine filters search by industry, for strictly items you envisage, the countries of preference, CTA, and even dates to get on with the high-flying Ads of the day.

For example: if you filter the word “Keto diet,” it redirects you to an Ads database on “keto diet” to peruse, choose, and possibly adapt from a multitude of them for your own use.

The multi-platform Ads already connects one with the social media world of advertising. However, for beginners and users of the Free subscription, especially. These set of people would only get Ads from Facebook.

BigSpy provides you with the exclusives, the insides of accumulated Ads surging from Facebook. Your advertising efficiency, your targeting audiences, your Facebook trends, and advertising creatives are for your decisions.

Its unique services are rich and not confined to images and snapshots, but also videos that are rich in valuable content for your market guides. Don’t halt your reading just yet; this BigSpy review has more valuable information to offer.

BigSpy pricing and membership

BigSpy introduces an exceptional pricing plan that grants you access to an array of amazing features! And the best part? It caters to all your competitive analysis needs effectively.

BigSpy pricing
BigSpy pricing

To fulfill your requirements of spying on your competitors, BigSpy offers a remarkable free plan. This plan serves as an excellent starting point for advertisers aiming to build powerful marketing strategies and achieve their goals.

While the free plan allows users to enjoy the services without any charge, it does come with certain limitations. Users on the free plan have restricted search counts and filtering options. However, for those seeking enhanced features and profound insights, choosing one of the paid plans is highly recommended!

BigSpy presents three comprehensive paid plans: Basic, Pro, and VIP Enterprise. Each plan offers a distinctive set of features tailored to meet your specific requirements. Let’s delve into the details of each plan:

The Basic plan is designed to provide essential tools and insights for advertisers looking to optimize their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. With this plan, you gain access to the following features:

  • 20 daily queries
  • Unlimited search capabilities
  • Tracking up to 25 ads daily
  • Downloading up to 25 ads daily
  • Limited featured ads

The Pro plan takes your advertising efforts to new heights by unlocking a wide range of features across all publishers and networks. With this plan, you enjoy unlimited daily queries and access to comprehensive search functionalities. The Pro plan offers the following features:

  • Unlimited daily queries
  • Unlimited search capabilities
  • Tracking up to 250 ads daily
  • Downloading up to 250 ads daily
  • Unlimited featured ads
  • Ad Ideas Analysis
  • Landing Analysis (Beta)
  • Demographic Analysis (Beta)
  • Online support
  • Get a BigSpy trial for $1 valid for 3 days

The VIP Enterprise plan is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking an unparalleled competitive advantage. This plan delivers unlimited queries and grants unrestricted access to an extensive range of data and features. The VIP Enterprise plan includes:

  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited data access
  • Unlimited featured ads
  • Unlimited tracking ads
  • Expanded coverage on local platforms
  • Ad intelligence
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Audience intelligence
  • VIP company support
  • Multi-account seats
  • Annual payment option

BigSpy’s unique pricing plans empower advertisers with valuable insights and tools to outshine competitors. Whether you opt for the Basic, Pro, or VIP Enterprise plan, you unlock a world of possibilities to drive your marketing efforts to new heights. Choose BigSpy today and revolutionize your competitive analysis journey!

My perspective on BigSpy

In my exploration of various digital marketing tools, I recently turned my attention to BigSpy, a renowned social media advertising intelligence platform. Here’s my personal review based on my experience:

What I Like Best About BigSpy:

  • Extensive Ad Database: The sheer volume of ads from various social media platforms available on BigSpy is nothing short of a treasure trove for online marketers. This diverse collection provides a wealth of inspiration and competitive insight, which has been invaluable in fueling my creativity and shaping my marketing strategies.
  • Advanced Filtering and Search Tools: What enhances BigSpy’s utility further is its powerful filtering and search capabilities. These features allow me to tailor my searches to specific ad types, industries, and formats. This precision has streamlined my research process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

Areas for Improvement:

  • User Interface: While BigSpy is packed with useful features, its user interface could benefit from a more advanced and user-friendly design. Improving the UI would enhance the overall experience and make navigating the platform more intuitive.

Conclusion about BigSpy Review

In conclusion, BigSpy proves to be a best ad spy tools for digital marketers seeking a competitive edge. Its vast ad database and comprehensive analysis features empower users to gain deep insights into their competitors’ strategies and optimize their own campaigns accordingly. The user-friendly interface and online support further enhance the overall experience.

While BigSpy has some limitations in terms of pricing and free access, the benefits it offers outweigh these drawbacks. Reading this comprehensive BigSpy review has provided you with essential information to make an informed decision.

Don’t miss out on harnessing the power of BigSpy. Take your digital marketing efforts to new heights and uncover untapped opportunities by embracing this cutting-edge ad spy tool.

The best tool to spy ads on Facebook, Google,… and other social networking platforms

  • Big Ads Database
  • Powerful Search
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Unlimited Featured Ads
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Best Company Support
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