Long Tail Pro Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

Long Tail Pro is a platform for SEO and keyword tracking that empowers businesses to assess keyword competitiveness, perform competitive analysis of Google SERPs, and monitor keyword ranking.

Keyword research is a crucial part of any SEO strategy, but finding the right keywords can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s where Long Tail Pro comes in. In this Long Tail Pro review, we’ll take a deep dive into this powerful keyword research tool and explore how it can help you skyrocket your SEO efforts.

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool that helps website owners locate keywords with low levels of competition to boost their search engine optimization strategies. It was built in 2011 by Spencer Haws, an expert in internet marketing after he grew upset with the extensive number of tools required and the amount of time it took to locate keywords that were simple to rank for.

When you use Long Tail Pro, you may enter seed keywords (up to five at once), and the program will return hundreds of distinct ideas and variations of keywords. You can also use the software to manually evaluate a list of keywords (if you have done research beforehand), and it can even analyze the domains of your competitors so that you may find fresh keywords to use in your particular niche.

How to Use Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a cloud-based service, therefore its installation is a breeze and takes very little time. After registering, you will have access to the entire suite, which includes search engine results page (SERP) analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink analysis. In the following paragraphs, I will walk you through the process of getting started with keyword research by utilizing Long Tail Pro.

Add a Project and Domain

If you are going to be conducting keyword research on a consistent basis, you will need to make sure that you stay organized. Long Tail Pro enables you to build up multiple projects, within which you can easily save keywords, and then switch between those projects as required. If you are seeking to improve the search engine rankings for multiple websites, this is an especially helpful tool.

Add a Project and Domain
Add a Project and Domain

After you have submitted a project, I recommend that you add the URL of your website so that you can receive more accurate recommendations depending on the strength of your domain. In addition to this, you will be able to view essential data pertaining to your website, such as the trust flow, citation flow, amount of backlinks, and number of referring sites. Be conscious of the fact that only one domain can be connected with any given project.

Analyze Keywords

Long Tail Pro gives users a variety of options to choose from when pulling and analyzing keywords. You have the option of entering seed keywords in order to produce related suggestion (only 5 seed keywords at once), finding seed keywords on the domains of your competitors, or entering a list of keywords obtained from another source (up to 200 allowed).

Analyze Keywords
Analyze Keywords

It’s super simple to get started. Just type some keywords into the search bar to see what people are searching for. For instance, I tried using “Longtail Pro” itself on the tool to see what comes up when people look for this tool.

You’ll find a bunch of terms pop up, like “how to use Longtail Pro,” along with many others. This helps me figure out how to optimize my page for various search terms related to this tool.

So, whether you’re looking into a tool, service, or something that’s searched for more locally, this tool gives you a heads-up on how tough the competition might be and what kind of search volume to expect.

Keyword Research Feature
Keyword Research Feature

Review and Filter Results

When you receive the results, you can rapidly determine which keywords you may be able to rank for by utilizing the Average KC measure. Once you have the results, you can do this. The KC score is a trustworthy signal for keywords that your website has the ability to rank for, and I’ll go into more detail about this topic in the next paragraphs. Anything with a score lower than 30 is seen as having minimal competition.

Review and Filter Results
Review and Filter Results

You also have the option of configuring advanced filters, which let you zero in on key metrics like as KC, particular phrases, search volume, and more. Because they may be saved and utilized across a number of different projects, the configuration of your filters only needs to be done once.

Competitor Analysis

Even while the Term Difficulty (KC) score is a trustworthy measure of how simple it is to rank for a certain keyword, there are instances when you may want to check more information in order to gain a clearer picture of the level of competition you face. You are able to accomplish this by clicking on particular keywords and examining the results of an organic search. The following is a list of KPIs that you should concentrate on:

  • Trust Flow is a metric that evaluates the quality of the links that go to a specific URL.
  • Citation Flow is a method of determining a URL’s level of influence by counting the number of other websites that link to that URL.
  • Backlinks from Other Websites: the total number of links on other websites that point to this page
  • Site Age: How long it has been there.
  • Page KC is a formula developed by Long Tail Pro that determines how competitive a certain page is.

When determining a keyword’s overall KC score, LTP takes each of these factors into consideration along with a number of others. You can see that the keyword “Long Tail Pro Review” has an overall KC score of 27, which indicates that it has low competition and that you may be able to rank for this term with a small bit of effort. You can see this score displayed in the screenshot that follows.

Long Tail Pro Pros And Cons


  • The KC (Keyword Competitiveness) score is a proprietary metric that assists you in identifying keywords to target.
  • Capable of conducting simultaneous searches on a number of seed keywords
  • Excellent SEO training videos for beginners


  • Your research might be hampered by restrictions on the number of daily keyword searches.
  • There is no data on the trend of search volume.

Long Tail Pro Features

Keyword Competitiveness Score (KC)

The KC (keyword competitiveness) score is the single most compelling argument in favor of investing in Long Tail Pro. The Keyword Difficulty (KC) score is expressed as a single number between 1 and 100, and it provides information regarding how challenging it would be to rank organically for a certain keyword.

Keyword Competitiveness Score
Keyword Competitiveness Score

The lower the KC, the more straightforward the ranking process will be. For instance, if the KC is under 30, this indicates that there is little to no competition for the keyword, whereas a KC of 40 or higher indicates that there is significant competition.

When looking for keywords to target, employing the KC Score has helped me save a lot of time. Without discovering these words, even the most flawless piece of writing would have a difficult time ranking, which would lead to disappointing results and, ultimately, unsatisfied clients.

The team at Long Tail Pro is continuously working to improve the algorithm in order to deliver a more accurate signal, as well as to stay up with the ever-changing ranking elements that are used by Google.

Rank Tracker

When it comes to SEO, there are no guarantees, so you need to regularly analyze your keywords to assess how well they are performing in the search engine results pages (SERPs) (Search Engine Results Pages). The Rank Tracker is a useful tool that I make use of to monitor the status of each of my keywords. You will only need to input your desired keywords and domain or URL to get started.

Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker

After that, Long Tail Pro will provide you a historical ranking of data to demonstrate where your keywords are now sitting, as well as show you whether or not the rank has been rising or falling over time. You also have the option of selecting several countries, which will enable you to make decisions regarding your approach that are more informed.

Although you are able to add an infinite number of domains, the Rank Tracker places limits on the total number of keywords you can monitor with each of its subscription tiers (e.g. Starter Plan only comes with 30 tracked keywords).

Training Videos

Learning how to construct an efficient SEO plan and carry out good keyword research can both come with a bit of a learning curve. There is a wealth of information available on the internet; nevertheless, it can be challenging to determine where to begin your search and whom to believe.

Training Videos
Training Videos

Long Tail Pro is a free SEO video training for beginners that covers everything from finding seed keywords and analyzing the competition to more advanced site structure and outreach methods. The course is available in video format. If you are just starting off, you will find a plethora of materials on our site to get your education off to a good start.

Long Tail University, which gives more information on topics such as keyword selection, content strategy, and on-page SEO, was also developed by this company.

Ease of Use

It is a cloud-based software system, so it is quick, and the interface is clean and uncomplicated, so it is easy to find your way around the system. Long Tail Pro doesn’t, on the other hand, pretend to be able to do everything.

This piece of software was developed specifically to help you uncover keyword ideas, check keyword search volume of results and the level of competition, and ultimately save you time, all of which it successfully accomplishes. Even though there are other tools such as Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis, and SERP analysis available, the main product is highly helpful and easy to understand.

Analyze SERPs

You can rapidly browse a SERP to see who is doing what in terms of keywords and how difficult the tool considers that search to be. I’ve done another example for ” SEO consultant ” and the results are shown below.

Analyze SERPs
Analyze SERPs

You’ll see who’s at the top and what they’re up to, as well as some third-party domain stats to give you a quick summary of that SERP and whether you want to step in and get a piece of the action. If it’s too competitive, move on to another keyword of your choice.

My experience with Long Tail Pro

Having spent considerable time with Long Tail Pro, my experiences with it have given me a deep appreciation for its specialized focus on long-tail keyword discovery. Here’s a more personal take on what Long Tail Pro offers, based on firsthand usage:

What I Appreciate Most: The standout feature for me is Long Tail Pro’s ability to zero in on less competitive keywords. The tool’s knack for unearthing phrases that are three words or longer—and not heavily targeted by other sites—is invaluable. This capability has transformed my approach to SEO, allowing me to identify and leverage keywords with enough search volume to be worthwhile but not so competitive that ranking becomes an uphill battle.

While there’s a lot to like about Long Tail Pro, the trial period’s pricing structure strikes me as odd. A nominal fee to deter misuse is understandable, but the specific choice of $8 for an eight-day trial seems unnecessary and could be more user-friendly. A lower fee or a more straightforward trial duration would make the tool more accessible to those on the fence about its value.

What are opinions regarding Long Tail Pro?

Joseph S. K. and Md Abdul M. have shared insightful reviews on Long Tail Pro via G2.com, offering contrasting perspectives on its utility and features.

Joseph S. K.’s Experience: Joseph highlights Long Tail Pro’s unique capability in finding long-tail keywords that are less competitive, providing access to a wealth of relevant phrases. This feature is particularly valuable for those looking to target niche markets or seeking to rank for specific, less contested search terms. However, Joseph notes a drawback regarding the trial period; Long Tail Pro does not offer a free trial and instead charges $8 for an eight-day trial, which he finds a bit unconventional and potentially misleading. He advises prospective users to be diligent with their trial period and to explore thoroughly before making a decision.

Joseph S. K.'s Experience
Joseph S. K.’s Experience

Recommendation: Joseph suggests that while Long Tail Pro is a useful tool for keyword discovery, users should compare it against other available tools and ensure they cancel the trial if the tool does not meet their needs.

Md Abdul M.’s Perspective: Md Abdul M. praises Long Tail Pro as the best keyword research and marketing tool, emphasizing its comprehensive features such as SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and site audit capabilities. The keyword research tool, in particular, is lauded for helping to identify high-ranking keywords, while the site audit feature offers valuable insights into website performance and areas for improvement. For Md Abdul M., there are no downsides to using Long Tail Pro; it’s described as a complete package for SEO and marketing needs.

Md Abdul M.'s Perspective
Md Abdul M.’s Perspective

Benefit: The tool has been instrumental for Md Abdul M. in providing SEO services, keyword research, and site audits for clients, facilitating the development of effective marketing strategies.


In conclusion, freelancers, bloggers, and owners of small businesses who want to invest in content marketing will find that Long Tail Pro is one of the most useful tools available to them. You’ll be able to identify fresh keyword chances with lightning speed and easily evaluate the level of competition with the help of the KC score, saving you hours of laborious research time thanks to the software.

The user interface is really well designed, and I found the software to be very simple to operate. A novice would benefit tremendously from watching the training videos because they offer a great insight into how to effectively do keyword research and are presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps website owners locate keywords with low levels of competition to boost their search engine optimization strategies.

  • Keyword Competitiveness Score
  • Rank Tracker
  • Training Videos
  • Ease of Use
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Keywordtool.io is a keyword research tool that generates keyword ideas based on a seed keyword that you provide. It shows you search volume and cost-per-click data for each keyword and allows you to filter the results by language and location.

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