Sendiio 3.0 Review – Best Email Autoresponders Tools You Should Know

Sendiio combines email, SMS, Facebook Messenger in one place, with no monthly fees. Joshua Zamora is an Internet Marketer with years of experience. He created this first-of-its-kind system with no monthly fees.

Welcome to my Sendiio review. I will discuss the online marketing autoresponder that combines all the high-converting marketing platforms, such as email, text, Facebook Messenger,… into one single control panel with NO monthly costs.

I’ll examine all of Sendiio 3.0’s features so that you may determine whether or not will assist you in your efforts to earn more money.

What is Sendiio 3.0?

Sendiio combines email, SMS, Facebook Messenger in one place, with no monthly fees. Joshua Zamora is an Internet Marketer with years of experience. He created this first-of-its-kind system with no monthly fees.

He is someone who truly strives to create high-quality products. That are transparent about what is contained within them. I’ve before reviewed his products, such as Sociible.

Homepage of Sendiio

Now, he’s created this software, which eliminates the need to wonder whether email, text messages, Facebook messenger,… is the best. The reality is:

  • Email marketing is still one of the most lucrative marketing channels.
  • 98% of text messages are opened within the first two minutes.
  • Facebook Messenger, the most popular online messaging platform, receives 100% of inbox messages.

Why not combine them all? They all work and can be profitable.

Reaching out to target customers and increasing profits are always on our mind. As marketers and bloggers, so if you’re looking for a tool that can help you do that at no monthly cost, read on.

Sendiio works for

Autoresponder services are used for most types of online marketing. If you fall into one of the categories below, then you will get a lot of benefits from using this…

Affiliate Marketing

Email, Text and FB messenger to generate affiliate sales? Yup, it works with ALL three! In fact, it can easily be said that affiliate marketing was built on the back of email. And now Text and FB messenger has allowed affiliates to take it to the next level.

e-Commerce Stores

Yup, if anyone DESPERATELY needs the power of email, text and FB messenger, it’s e-commerce stores. Since they ship to people’s homes and are likely using paid ads to get sales. There’s a good chance they’re already capturing emails, phone numbers, FB messenger subscribers. But have NO idea what to do with that information!

Digital Product Vendors

As a digital product vendor myself, list building is what allowed me to FINALLY leave my 9-5 job and go full-time online. It’s the most powerful asset you can posses and it can supply you with predictable, long-term income.

Local Marketers

If you’re dealing with any kind of local business, implementing email, text, FB messenger for your clients. This is the EASIEST of all the other business models.

Your clients deal with people, they can easily ask them to sign up to their mailing list, get text updates,… or even connect with their FB page in exchange for a discount on products or services.

And there’s a good chance, many local businesses already have a list of customers in an excel sheet somewhere collecting DUST!

Offer them these 3 more services and add an endless supply of recurring income to your bottom line!

Agency Marketers

Are you running FB ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads or any other kinds of ads for your clients? Why not offer to take over their entire follow-up strategy via email, Text and FB Messenger? And add more profit to your agencies bottom line and to your clients bottom line as well?

For ANY other business model online or offline

Any business, big or small, must be implementing email, text and FB messenger as part of their sales and marketing strategy. Those that are not are leaving a ton of profit on the table and if they don?t adapt quickly, they?re going to be left behind!

The Pros and Cons


  • Email, SMS, and Facebook marketing are all combined.
  • A reliable internet marketer
  • Online cloud-based platform
  • Unlimited leads can be exported and imported.
  • Popular third-party page builders are supported.
  • Capture leads in three of the most profitable niches.
  • The Personal plan 30-day money-back guarantee has some restrictions.
  • High-quality videos provide detailed training.
  • There are no monthly fees.


  • There is no free trial.
  • It does not work with some of the best autoresponders.

How to use Sendiio

As a Sendiio beta tester, I will show its use. You can trust my advise. All of this essay’s words are from my own experience, and I’ll try to be honest.

This is Sendiio’s dashboard. You can quickly use all the functions since everything is organized:

Sendiio's dashboard
Sendiio’s dashboard

A dependable, free email service is essential for a growing organization. Sendiio cuts time and effort expenditures.

I no longer have to worry about my audience growing and my email bill from sending too many emails. Instead of worrying about signups, I can focus on making my positive body image platform effective.

With Sendiio, I can split my subscriber list by interest and deliver customized communications to media, pageant, and speaking consumers. Sendiio offers all the same email features at a reduced rate.

Josh updates his service often and continuously looks for ways to enhance customer experience. He’s delivering these improved services to loyal consumers for free, which is rare. This is rare, but it gives me peace of mind while making lists.

SEO combined with the “big 3” of email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger makes you UNSTOPPABLE! Google becomes a long-term ATM you may withdraw from at any time.

Send UNLIMITED emails without ANY monthly fees by simply connecting to your SMTP:

Sendiio lets you connect to your C-panel SMTP account in 60 seconds or less and send as many emails as your hosting permits without monthly costs. This method is ideal for developing your email list and making money with email marketing. You may evolve into a paid SMTP provider as your company expands with no monthly expenses. We show you how to set it up and optimize your domain for maximum deliverability.

Send UNLIMITED emails
Send UNLIMITED emails

Sendiio 3.0 Features

Without understanding its key highlight features, positive attributes, so a Sendiio 3.0 Review is incomplete. Because of its features, this version has been a revolutionary tool in digital marketing.

These highlights include:

  • You can Import Unlimited Email Contacts without having to go through a lengthy confirmation process.
  • You can send or create an unlimited number of email campaigns without paying a monthly fee. Make an email list and assign each imported message list to a separate email list. As before stated, this saves time and money.
  • Send an unlimited number of messages with no monthly fees by connecting to your Flexible Scheduling System for Your Broadcasts. This is especially important when sending email alerts and need to keep track of specific times and dates.
  • Autoresponder has a versatile Scheduling System for campaigns and SMS Follow-Up Sequences.
  • You can quickly import or create an unlimited number of phone contacts. This enables you to send invitations and notifications to a larger audience in a matter of seconds.
  • Provide complete click statistics for your campaigns. Sendiio also provides comprehensive training tutorials on how to set up your email and message campaigns.
  • Understanding it handling mechanism is simple. The user-friendly guide assists and tutors the user while on the go, and it does not take long to learn how to use it.
  • Many Fan Pages can be connected quickly and easily. You can also quickly acquire Facebook Messenger Subscribers.
  • Set up a welcome message and Keyword-Based Chatbot Replies, Comment Replies, and so on for each new Messenger Subscriber.

What Sendiio 3.0 can do

  • Easily increase your profit by utilizing the power of email marketing. We’ve all heard how effective and profitable email marketing can be. Within the next 10 minutes, you can easily import your list and begin sending promotional emails. Furthermore, you can use our simple form builder to begin collecting new leads and routing them through your follow-up sequence or begin sending out one-time broadcasts.
  • Using the power of Text Message Marketing, you can easily increase your profit. With Sendiio 3.0, you can quickly import phone numbers and begin sending campaigns. Furthermore, you can use the form builder to collect even more phone number subscribers.
  • Simple access to the fastest growing List Marketing Channel, Facebook Messenger. It enables you to build a massive list of FB Messenger subscribers from which you can immediately begin messaging and profiting (For A very limited-time). We’re also including agency access to this tool.
  • This is easily worth more than $997 because you will be able to provide three different services to your agency clients. You’ll be able to provide email marketing services to your clients’ customer base, run profitable text message campaigns for your clients, and dramatically increase their sales and subscribers with automated Facebook Messenger Marketing. You can easily charge a separate fee for each service or bundle them together for a sizable monthly profit and keep 100% of the profit.

How Sendiio 3.0 work

Importing email leads, SMS leads, and Messenger lists may appear to be the primary functionality. However, when conducting a thorough Sendiio 2.0 Review, it is clear that the upgraded version is much more than just an autoresponder.

  • As an affiliate advertiser, can say that affiliate marketing is based on email – but with Facebook messages and text, you can take your business to the next level.
  • It can provide you with the opportunity to take your customers’ entire to follow-up methodology through text, Facebook courier, and email showcasing as Agency Marketers. This can assist you in providing additional value to your primary concern as well as your customer.
  • Digital Product Vendors, building a list is one of the most important resources an online business can have, and if there is a chance to stand out from the crowd, it is the opportunity.
  • Any other offline/online business, large or small, must use e Email, Text, and Facebook courier for their sales and marketing strategy. This is where Autoresponder comes in handy.
  • It’s new form has a lot more to offer, from an unlimited follow-up sequence campaign to an unlimited domain and unlimited one-time broadcasting.

Sendiio Pricing and Upsells


Joshua Zamora created Sendiio, a powerful digital marketing tool. Joshua has recently released the Elite version, which includes advanced technology. Furthermore, it offers a design of plans that are both affordable and feature-rich.

Sendiio has two pricing plans available: personal and professional. The annual cost of the personal plan is $87 and costs $97 per year for Agency.

As a result, we can conclude that Sendiio pricing is very reasonable. You can see the upsells of Sendiio below.

The Upsells of Sendiio

OTO1: Academy

This option in Sendiio 3.0 Academy teaches you how to get your first 1,000 subscribers in 14 days or less. You can also take advantage of ten different free traffic strategies that you can start using right away to generate as much traffic as you want and build your list.

OTO2: Elite

Sendiio Elite is robust servers and tried-and-true IP addresses will enable you to avoid going through the SMTP configuration process. As a result, you can anticipate a HIGHER, FASTER, and MORE RELIABLE delivery right away.

OTO3: VA License

Sendiio 3.0 VA License is a powerful and UNIQUE feature to Send that allows you to give access to your VA to run campaigns for you while NEVER compromising your contacts. They will be able to send campaigns on your behalf, but they will never have access to any of your leads.

NO OTHER autoresponder does this; with “those other guys,” you have to give someone access to your entire account (and risk having your leads stolen) if you want someone to run your campaigns for you. With this feature, you can still outsource but never jeopardize your leads.

OTO4: Booster

Sendiio 3.0 Booster is another EXCLUSIVELY for feature. Sending an email in the morning and then an email to those who DID NOT open your emails LATER in the evening is one of the MOST profitable emailing strategies.

However, with EVERY other autoresponder, you must RELOGIN in the evening to schedule this second email. We’ve automated this process with Sendiio.

You configure your email ONCE in the morning, and it will AUTOMATICALLY send to your UNOPENS later in the day. You will be able to specify how many hours after your initial email the second email should be sent.

You’ll also be able to set a different subject line automatically (another powerful trick when emailing your unopens)

OTO5: EmailRamp Special

Is a one-time access to Sendiio 3.0 EmailRamp and its Club Upsell. EmailRamp comes pre-loaded with high-converting emails that you can copy and paste directly into your account to start profiting right away WITHOUT EVER WRITING A SINGLE WORD.

They have over 1700 emails in nine different niches and ten different types of emails ranging from storytelling, re-engagement, product launch, emotional emails, and much more. In addition, I negotiated that they include their Club Upsell, which allows for email customization and personalization.

And the ability to send them to your VA via the app so that they can send them out for you. You get access to BOTH for only $67; otherwise, you’d have to buy EACH SEPARATELY! And there you have it! There are no other upsells after that, and they are all, of course, optional!

Conclusion about Sendiio

Thank you for reading this Sendiio 3.0 Review. I hope this article has given you a better understanding of Sendiio and how it can help you increase your profits by combining the top three marketing methods into one simple platform.

Instantly Access The First and ONLY Autoresponder That Allows You To Profit From The Power of Email, Text & FB Messenger Under ONE Central Dashboard With ZERO MONTHLY FEES!

  • Create UNLIMITED Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Text Message Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Facebook Messenger Campaigns
  • Easily Import UNLIMITED Emails AND Phone Numbers
  • ZERO Monthly FEES During our Charter-members opening
  • LIMITED-TIME BONUS: Agency Access Included and much much more…
Go to Sendiio 2.0
The link in this article is a commission link, we will be compensated by the service and you do not have to pay any extra costs.

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