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MaxiBlocks is a visual page builder and block library that operates without requiring coding skills. It can generate responsive through an integrated design library with options including 1,830 patterns, 128 page templates and 13,400 SVG icons.

Are you tired of dealing with complex code and expensive web developers to create stunning webpages?  MaxiBlocks is here to revolutionize your website building experience. In this MaxiBlocks review, we will explore how this no-code page builder can help you create beautiful webpages without any technical skills or coding knowledge.

What is MaxiBlocks?

The no code web design for non-tech users – MaxiBlocks works with WordPress and has a large design library including templates, patterns, and SVG icons. MaxiBlocks lets you build beautiful, responsive, and fast-loading websites. Learn how MaxiBlocks works and how this free page builder wordpress may help you from SaaS Review Tools.


MaxiBlocks makes designing your website or template easy using style cards. Creating prototypes is easy with adaptable wireframe mode. It allows code-free website creation. Edit pre-designed buttons, headers, and footers. Create feature-rich pages using these components. The free page builder plugin for wordpress’ drag-and-drop editor makes feature-rich page creation easy. Hero sections, headlines, and testimonials are easy to add.

MaxiBlocks’ revolutionary style cards let you immediately decorate your website or template. Stop wasting time on design?now you can easily generate prototypes and realize your creative ideas.

Pros and Cons MaxiBlocks

Pros of MaxiBlocks

  • Its no-coding need makes it accessible to many people.
  • Massive design resource containing patterns and icons.
  • User-friendly, straightforward UI.
  • Fast-loading, responsive websites.
  • Smooth WordPress integration.
  • Comprehensive image tools for sophisticated interactions
  • Access to animation and dynamic content.
  • Tutorials, resources, and devoted support

Cons of MaxiBlocks

  • The variety of features could perplex newcomers.
  • Some people prefer a simpler UI.

Who should use MaxiBlocks?

MaxiBlocks advertises itself as a perfect fit for a broad variety of users, including programmers, marketers, and web designers. It is a no-code solution that streamlines development processes and saves time for programmers. It’s useful for both web designers and marketers since it simplifies the creation of interactive websites.

MaxiBlocks is a website builder that aims to compete with industry leaders like Elementor, Squarespace, and Webflow by offering superior connectors. It works well with modern systems like GPT-4, as well as fundamental applications like Gutenberg, WooCommerce, WordPress, and Zapier. This wide range of compatibility guarantees a comprehensive and flexible collection of resources for end users.

MaxiBlocks in Action: Use Cases

MaxiBlocks shines across various web design projects, offering flexibility and ease of use for anyone looking to create a standout online presence. Here’s how different users can leverage MaxiBlocks:

Personal Blogs
Bloggers will find it a breeze to set up their online space with MaxiBlocks. Thanks to a vast library of blog layouts, sharing your personal stories and insights with the world has never been easier.

Small Business Websites
Small businesses aiming to carve out their spot on the internet will see MaxiBlocks as a game-changer. Its e-commerce features and straightforward design make it perfect for highlighting your products and services.

Portfolio Websites
For artists, designers, and all creatives, MaxiBlocks is the go-to for displaying your work in a captivating way. The platform’s library is packed with designs that make building an impressive portfolio simple.

Landing Pages
Creating landing pages that drive results is effortless with MaxiBlocks. Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, product debuts, or gathering leads, the intuitive setup gets your landing page live quickly.

E-learning Platforms
Educators and online learning facilitators can build dynamic and educational e-learning sites with MaxiBlocks. The platform supports interactive and educational content, making learning accessible and engaging.

How to use Maxiblocks: A Step-by-Step

Diving into MaxiBlocks and bringing your web design ideas to life is a smooth process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you rolling:

Sign Up
Kick things off by signing up for a MaxiBlocks account. The sign-up process is quick and easy, asking only for some basic details to get you started.

Choose a Template or Start from Scratch
Once you’re in, you can pick a ready-made template that fits your vision or start with a blank canvas. Templates are sorted by industry and style, so finding one that’s just right is a breeze.

Choose a Template
Choose a Template

Customize Your Design
With a template chosen, you’ll move on to the MaxiBlocks editor – this is where the fun begins. Here, you can tweak your design to perfection, changing elements, colors, fonts, and more to align with your brand identity.

Customize Your Design
Customize Your Design

Add Content
MaxiBlocks’ editor makes adding and editing content on your page straightforward. Whether it’s text, images, videos, or more, you can drag and drop elements exactly where you want them.

Optimize for SEO
Boost your site’s visibility with MaxiBlocks’ SEO tools. Edit meta tags, add image alt text, and ensure your site’s structure is optimized for search engines to find and love.

Preview and Publish
Take a moment to preview your site and make sure it’s all set. Happy with the result? Click publish, and voilà, your site is now live on the internet.

Share and Collaborate
MaxiBlocks also supports sharing and collaboration. Invite team members or clients to join the project, allowing for easy feedback and cooperative editing, making the design process more efficient and enjoyable.

MaxiBlocks Features Overview

MaxiBlocks is a powerful no-code page builder that allows users to create visually appealing webpages with drag-and-drop functionality. In this blog post, we will explore the features and how it revolutionizes the way websites are built.

Template Library

With MaxiBlocks wp page builder, there are more than 1,650 patterns, 50 page layout examples, and 13,400 SVG icons to choose from so you can get started quickly generating pages and giving life to your creative ideas. You may modify pre-made components like buttons, headers, and footers, and combine “designer elements” to create complex sites.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly and easily insert common block patterns like testimonials, hero portions, etc. MaxiBlocks allows you to quickly create prototypes using temporary patterns in wireframe mode without the need for any coding.

Advanced interactions

Websites built using MaxiBlocks will appear fantastic on every platform, from high-resolution 4K monitors to the smallest of mobile phones. You don’t need to know how to code to take use of the drag-and-drop tools and custom CSS available today.

Advanced interactions
Advanced interactions

Dynamic content and motion, such as scroll animations and hover effects, will also be included to help set your site apart. In addition to using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, you may make your designs stand out by selecting complementary color schemes and font combos.

MaxiBlocks automatically re-style

Don’t spend days scouring the web for the perfect symbol or form. More than 13,400 customizable components are available in MaxiBlocks – the best wordpress page builder.

MaxiBlocks automatically re-style
MaxiBlocks automatically re-style

Each of the 100 included style cards include components that are compatible with both the light and dark themes, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between them when needed. Benefit from a plethora of free WordPress integrations and time-saving tools like undo/redo and version history.

Maxi Components

MaxiBlocks offers powerful website development tools. This wordpress buidler plugin provides basic building elements for personalized sites and advanced interactivity. Full Site Editing lets you customize header and footer. A cloud-based collection of templates, icons, and style cards enhances design. Websites are more interactive and engaging with 16 customizable Gutenberg blocks and dynamic content integration. These features simplify web creation for beginners and experts.

Integrated Design Library

MaxiBlocks Integrated Design Library provides a wide variety of customizable design components. Over 13,410 searchable, lightweight, and customizable SVG icons and shapes are included to speed up your site.

For even more options and convenience in creating stunning WordPress sites, the collection now includes Pro templates. It now has 746 pro patterns and will soon have an extra 2500 patterns and 72 pages to cover a broad variety of design components like as accordions, calls to action, footers, and more.


Upcoming Features

  • AI tools: Text and picture creation using style cards, precisely where you need it.
  • Add block quotations, blogs, picture galleries, and more to your design toolset.
  • Create responsive menus for site navigation and mega menus.
  • Complete site editing: Fully customize your site using Maxi Blocks.
  • We envision a library of AI templates for bespoke chatbots and other use cases.
  • Nesting slider: Slide any Maxi foundation block with player controllers and personalized icons.
  • Custom responsive menu navigation block from menu builder.
  • Repeater-field context loop: This strong feature, like Gutenberg’s ?query loop block? but combined with Maxi’s blocks, container, row, column, and group, speeds up page setup. It supports responsive grid and dynamic content.
  • Dynamics: ACF, Meta Box, JetEngine, and Toolset support coming soon.

After all of these, when you asked what is the best free landing page builder? Maxiblocks is the only one answer.

MaxiBlocks Pricing

MaxiBlocks offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different user needs, all focusing on providing Pro access with a suite of advanced features. The “Solo Pro” plan, priced at per year, is designed for individual users. It includes one Pro access account, unlimited sites/domains, priority support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, with the flexibility to upgrade or cancel anytime.

For small teams or users needing multiple accounts, the “Double Pro” plan is available at 9 per year. This plan doubles the offering to two Pro access accounts while maintaining the same benefits as the Solo Pro plan, including unlimited sites/domains and priority support.

MaxiBlocks Pricing
MaxiBlocks Pricing

Larger teams might find the “Team Pro” plan more suitable, priced at 9 per year. It includes three Pro access accounts and retains all the benefits of the lower-tier plans, such as unlimited sites/domains, priority support, and the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Lastly, for those looking for a long-term solution without the need for annual renewals, MaxiBlocks offers the “Lifetime Pro” plan. This plan requires a one-time payment of 9 and includes one Pro access account with all the Pro features, unlimited sites/domains, and priority support.

My experience with Maxiblocks

As someone who’s been navigating the vast sea of WordPress plugins, stumbling upon MaxiBlocks felt like a breath of fresh air, especially for someone keen on modern design aesthetics for Gutenberg. Here’s my take on this plugin, covering both its highs and lows from my personal experience:

What I Loved:

  • Modern Design: The primary reason I opted for MaxiBlocks was its collection of modern templates that seamlessly integrate with Gutenberg. It’s challenging to find designs that don’t feel dated or overused, and MaxiBlocks fills this gap beautifully.
  • Improved Performance: The developers have addressed latency issues within the builder, which speaks volumes about their commitment to enhancing the plugin. This improvement has significantly streamlined the design process, making it smoother and more efficient.
  • User-friendly and Intuitive: Ease of modifications is a standout feature. For someone who values time and efficiency, the intuitive nature of the plugin has been a major plus.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Restrictive Login System: The template library’s login system has been somewhat of a pain point. The frequent need to re-enter my email or log back in—particularly noticeable when switching devices or post-update—has been inconvenient. It disrupts the workflow and could certainly use some refining.
  • Memory Usage: MaxiBlocks is quite resource-intensive, which might not sit well with hosts offering limited RAM. This can be a deal-breaker for users with constrained hosting environments.
  • Localization Issues: Despite my efforts to localize the plugin using Loco Translate, I hit a roadblock with most texts remaining unchanged from English. This limitation is particularly frustrating for non-English projects. I’ve even considered offering my help to translate it into French, hoping to contribute to its accessibility.

Final Thoughts: Despite the few bumps encountered, the value proposition of MaxiBlocks—especially given its price point—made it a no-brainer for me. The modern design capabilities it unlocks for Gutenberg users are commendable. While there are areas ripe for improvement, particularly around the login system, memory usage, and localization, the plugin’s strengths make it a worthwhile investment. I’m optimistic about future updates and eagerly anticipate the resolution of these issues. For now, MaxiBlocks remains a highly recommended tool for anyone looking to elevate their WordPress site’s design, with the hope that the developers will continue to refine and enhance its functionality.

How does Maxiblocks perform in people’s opinions?

A confirmed buyer of MaxiBlocks, “desdens,” wrote a review in which they were happy with both the goods and the customer service they got. The reviewer talks about their experience as a web designer and writer for almost a year and stresses how important it is to have help with things like style and font. They praise Kyra for giving them a lot of help with these areas.

desdens's Review
desdens’s Review

Verified purchaser “mircogrande,” praises MaxiBlocks for improving workflow productivity. The availability of several well-designed templates aids project development. This, together with the product’s potential, makes it useful for professionals.

Verified purchaser "mircogrande"'s comment
Verified purchaser “mircogrande”‘s comment

Conclusion about MaxiBlocks Review

MaxiBlocks innovates in web design’s ever-changing world. This no-code builder will change website creation with its lifetime AppSumo bargain. MaxiBlocks are very versatile. With over 1,650 patterns, 50 carefully created page templates, and 13,400 SVG icons, the possibilities are endless.

What distinguishes MaxiBlocks is its ease of usage. Style cards make it easy to enhance your website in minutes. Both experienced designers and beginners benefit from the adaptable wireframe mode’s ease of prototyping.

MaxiBlocks lets creative visionaries and practical problem solvers realize their unique ideas without coding. This builder allows you endless creativity. This lifetime discount on MaxiBlocks on AppSumo lets you create no-code websites seamlessly. Upgrade your design game with MaxiBlocks!

MaxiBlocks is a no-code visual page builder designed to create responsive and fast-loading webpages. It features an integrated design library, allowing users to choose from a wide array of elements to enhance their website’s design. Specifically, MaxiBlocks offers:

  • Over 1,650 patterns and 50 page templates, providing a broad range of design options to suit various creative needs.
  • An extensive collection of more than 13,400 SVG icons, enabling users to add visually appealing and relevant icons to their webpages.
  • A selection of 100 style cards, which can be used to quickly implement attractive and cohesive design elements across a website.
  • The ability to customize pre-designed elements like buttons, headers, and footers, offering flexibility and control over the webpage’s look and feel
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MaxiBlocks Alternatives and Competitors


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Crocoblock is a suite of plugins, build upon Elementor, that will enable you to create advanced websites with ease like an appointment website, booking website, rental website, advanced WooCommerce website. It works perfectly with Elementor.

Template ­Monster

Template ­Monster offers many website­ templates for WordPress, Joomla, and Shopify sites. Users ge­t to choose from lots of designs to make the­ir websites and the­ templates can be change­d and look nice on all devices.

Customer reviews about MaxiBlocks

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  1. John Mulet

    John Mulet

    Just tried out Maxiblocks, and wow, it’s like Elementor Pro but on steroids! There’s a slight learning curve, but it’s super user-friendly, which is great for someone like me who wants things simple yet effective. It’s packed with cool pre-made blocks and designs that will make your site look pro without the headache. And have to give a shoutout to Marko from support – this guy is on it! So, if you’re into making your WordPress site awesome without pulling your hair out, MaxiBlocks is the way to go. Total recommend!

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