Zonguru Review – The Best Amazon Product Research Suite

ZonGuru is an all-in-one software that gives users insight into the health of their Amazon business and helps them pinpoint problem areas.

Amazon is increasingly harder to succeed without a product research package. ZonGuru has been one of the most effective remedies for years. Let’s take a look at this Zonguru Review, to learn about the most important aspects of ZonGuru, including its benefits in terms of pricing and a few of its drawbacks.

What is Zonguru?

For those who sell on Amazon, ZonGuru is a suite of useful applications that can be used to boost sales and develop their enterprise. ZonGuru is an all-in-one software that gives users insight into the health of their Amazon business and helps them pinpoint problem areas.

A few examples of what retailers may accomplish with ZonGuru:

  • Find out how well a product will sell in its niche by conducting market research on it.
  • Keep tabs on the competition and zero down on the best performing keywords.
  • Optimise listings better
  • Keep an eye on the safety of their ideas.
  • To aid with obtaining testimonials

Who should use Zonguru?

  • New vendors who are interested in launching their own Amazon Private Label enterprises
  • ZonGuru provides tools for product research to ensure that new sellers are investing their money in a responsible manner, hence increasing the likelihood that their enterprises will be successful.
  • Existing Private Label Amazon Sellers who are interested in growing their business through automation, scaling, and optimization.

Zonguru Pros & Cons


  • Chrome extension and mobile app
  • Features needed to run an FBA business
  • It boosts sales and retains customers.
  • Free demo


  • Beginnings are limited.
  • Short demo
  • Pricey

Features of Zonguru

The features of ZonGuru, when combined, give you an accurate picture of how your company is doing. They assist you in evaluating your current standing and identifying ways in which you can improve your overall performance.

Keywords on Fire

The purpose of Keywords on Fire is to provide you with the most effective keywords so that you can improve the visibility of your product listings.

Keywords on Fire
Keywords on Fire

ZonGuru allows you to identify the top products that are using and competing for the phrases that you entered in by having you type in a product phrase. You will then be able to select products to evaluate in comparison to your own.

The application will generate a list of keywords containing information such as: based on the product that you choose.

  • The expected amount of money that will be generated by each term every month
  • The number of times each term is searched for each month.
  • The typical amount that you can spend on a click-through bid for a certain keyword.
  • Rankings of competitors for each individual term

In addition to that, it gives you the ability to filter terms based on a variety of criteria. You will be able to identify search terms that are not often used yet are effective, and you can use these terms in your listings if you do this.

ZonGuru will automatically filter out the keywords for you, in contrast to Helium10’s Cerebro, which reveals more than 10,000 keywords when you input 10 ASINs. The amazing part about this feature is that it will save you time.

For instance, even if you add 25 ASINs for the tool to source keywords from, it is possible that it will only show you 500 relevant keywords from which you can later filter the results.

Listing Optimizer

The ZonGuru Listing Optimizer is designed to assist you in, as the name suggests, optimizing your listings. It’s one of the most effective tools for listing optimization, and I use it all the time.

It contains fields for the title, the bullet points (important features), the product description, and the backend search terms. The application also displays the total search volume as well as the potential revenue of each keyword used in your listing in order to get the most possible traffic.

Listing Optimizer
Listing Optimizer

ZonGuru gives you the ability to compare your listing optimization score to that of other ZonGuru users as a means of motivating and incentivizing you to optimize your listing.

This is wonderful because not only does it show you all of the keywords that are featured on rival ASINs, but it also shows you whether or not the keywords are included as exact matches, broad matches, or whether or not a keyword is included at all.

The best aspect, however, is that it provides a score for each ASIN depending on the keywords that you have provided in your listing. This means that you have the ability to ensure that your listing is optimized to a greater degree than those of your competitors.

Business Dashboard

The Business Dashboard offered by ZonGuru gives Amazon merchants the ability to monitor key KPIs at a glance. Because of this function, sellers are able to:

Business Dashboard
Business Dashboard
  • Conduct an analysis of performance indicators for their items or their company as a whole.
  • Examine their past buying and selling activity, as well as their current and past values.
  • Examine the feedback given by previous clients.
  • Keep an eye on the net margins of particular products.

Niche Finder

The tool that ZonGuru uses for market research is called the Niche Finder. This function assists sellers in locating Amazon products that have the highest number of customer reviews. The only thing required of sellers is to input the appropriate keywords and criteria.

Niche Finder
Niche Finder

The Niche Finder also provides sellers with assistance in assessing the amount of time and money it will need to sell a new product by making recommendations on launch budgets and investments. This feature has two different configuration options available to the user:

  • The Easy Mode displays fundamental metrics such as the niche score and the competition.
  • Displays additional, more in-depth statistics, such as a product’s search demand and volume when using the Advanced mode.


Love/Hate is able to analyze customer feedback for any ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). In addition to this, it creates a word cloud that is comprised of phrases and words that Amazon customers use most frequently while searching for a product.


When you select one of these, you will be taken to a page that has all of the reviews that are relevant to the search phrase. This will provide you with an insight of what the needs and desires of your ideal consumers are. Using this knowledge, you can then leverage it by writing product titles and descriptions that will capture the attention of your target audience.

Email Automator

Email Automator
Email Automator

An intuitive user interface is provided by ZonGuru’s Email Automator, which enables you to manage your connections with your customers. You will be able to send automatic responses to purchasers and schedule email templates with the help of its email automation feature.

According to Campaign Monitor, people who opt in to get email updates and news about your business have a greater likelihood of becoming loyal patrons of your establishment. You can send an email to clients including a discount or special offer code in order to encourage them to make additional purchases from your Amazon store.

Zonguru Price and Evaluation

There are three levels of membership available on ZonGuru: Researcher, Seller, and Plus. Because of this flexibility, you will only be charged for the features that you actually use.

Zonguru Price and Evaluation
Zonguru Price and Evaluation

Each plan includes a free trial period of seven days for prospective users to try out the plan of their choice. Even during the time of their free trial, customers can change to a different plan at any point during the subscription period they have purchased.


In a nutshell, ZonGuru is a dependable tool that comes equipped with first-rate functions and a straightforward user interface. It is useful for both new and seasoned Amazon sellers due to the comprehensive reports and optimization tools that it provides.

Even better, they have fantastic customer support as well as an onboarding program that is ideal for consumers who are just beginning their journey with the platform. ZonGuru’s potential to boost your Amazon business’s sales and customer traffic is maximized when it is used appropriately.

The features of ZonGuru, when combined, give you an accurate picture of how your company is doing. They assist you in evaluating your current standing and identifying ways in which you can improve your overall performance.

  • Keywords on Fire
  • Listing Optimizer
  • Business Dashboard
  • Niche Finder
  • Love/Hate
  • Email Automator
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